• Wednesday, 11. December 2019 15:50

Velious Cleared!


It's been a busy week here in Imperceptible.   We finished off the last two big baddies in Velious, mostly thanks to the gnome power in the guild.  AOW and Vulak are down!  

We one shotted AOW this past Thursday in expert fashion.

But we weren't done there...then we moved on to NTOV and cleaned up nicely...one shotting every dragon on our way to Vulak, who laid down and threw all his (not so great) loot our way.

We are also still looking for good players to join our ranks.   Send a tell to any member in game and they can direct you to one of our recruitment team (Aphyd, Morgana, Fantik).  Or hit us up on discord!  Link is up there ^ ^ ^

Only eight weeks of farming until Luclin!


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