• Wednesday, 11. December 2019 16:52

Gearing up for Velious


Hey guys, we're still going strong and clearing Kunark weekly!   Still recruiting for all classes with priority for Clerics, Rogues, Monks, Rangers, and Bards. (55+ preferred).  We've got an energetic group and are planning to hit the ground running into Velious.   

If you have any questions about recruitment, our guild, or our raid times, please hit up Agony, Tempy, Aphyd, Morgana or Fantik in game or hop into discord (https://discord.gg/jZywKXb) and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Oh, and before I forget...here's an obligatory raid photo (Pics have been hard to come by with the limited content in Kunark)



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