• Wednesday, 11. December 2019 17:17

So long Velious, Onward to Luclin!


Well, we had a little rough patch early on in Velious, but came through strong and had everything on farm mode for the past couple of months.   For our final raid in Velious, we decided to finally attempt one of the toughest boss we've faced....Emperor Crush.

The brave level 1 adventurers gathered outside of Crushbone and ventured toward his foreboding keep, slaughtering orcs along the way.

Unfortunately our first attempt came to an end in the throneroom of Emperor Crush, as we were overwhelmed by legionnaires and the Emissary.   So we attempted a different tactic and were able to trick him into chasing one of our brave necromancers to the zone line.

The battle was hard fought, with many brave heroes slain on this day.

As the dust settled, and the bodies were counted, Emperor Crush's corpse was among them.   We had prevailed!   We all gazed on in awe as one lucky adventurer donned his hard earned Dwarven Ringmail Tunic.  

Velious is officially in the dust, and we are moving onward towards Luclin!

We are still recruiting good players who want to raid, have fun, and get to know a great group of folks!  


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